About The New iPad Mini

While it is small in size, the iPad mini aims to offer augmented quality. The display, the processor and the performance are all engineered to improve on previous generations of the device. Each major facet of the product offers enhancements over the prior models.


About The New iPad Mini

The iPad mini includes Retina display, as Apple device customers have come to expect with iPad and iPhone products. The detailing is sharp and clear, and the colors are undeniably vibrant. The 7.9 inch display features a 2048×1536 resolution, creating crisp visuals on the screen with its 3.1 million pixels.

The A7 chip in the iPad mini combines well with the emphasis on graphics, improving the speed and visuals of gameplay. The 64-bit architecture of the chip also provides speed and power when working in apps. Along with the A7 chip, the M7 coprocessor calculates motion in the device, creating high levels of responsiveness to movements. The power efficiency of the two processors results in ample battery life, approximately 10 hours for average usage.

The new iPad mini also features two antennas and MIMO in its Wi-Fi technology, for download speeds now capable of reaching 300 Mbps. Now that the cellular functionality on the device also supports more LTE bands, connectivity to more cellular networks is possible than in previous generations of the device. The enhancements thus guarantee greater speeds with either connection option than in older models.

Video and Images
TheiPad mini also comes with Apple’s FaceTime camera and 5MP iSight camera. With FaceTime, users of the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular models can make video calls. With the iSight camera, users can frame their shots with the Retina display, possibly resulting in higher quality images. Users can also swipe between taking still shots and shooting HD video.

The iPad mini runs on iOS7, the newest mobile OS from Apple. The new OS features AirDrop, a new Control Center and improved multitasking. AirDrop provides shortcuts for the sharing of content, while the Control Center gives users faster access to options and settings. Multitasking is enhanced by the feature of the OS learning user preferences and updating apps the user is likely to launch.

Apple users are furthering their user experience with useful Cydia productivity apps.  Users can learn about Cydia and some of the available apps at sites like cydiaapps.io/

Even with enhanced features, the device is still a light .73 pounds. As with other Apple products, it has access to the Apple App Store, iTunes and iCloud. The Smart Cover and Smart Case offer protection for the new iPad mini.

5 tips to increase traffic to your blog

If you have a website or blog, you know how important it is to have a flow of people coming to your website every day. However, there are some whose websites or blogs are not bringing in much traffic; however, there are some tips that will help, such as writing well and writing consistently such as twice a week or once a day. What you write will keep readers coming back to your site for more. Your posts need to be interesting, offer value, give helpful information and be posts that are original and creative.
5 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Blog (Photo credit - empowernetwork.com)
Tip # 2 that will bring more traffic to your site is to submit your site to search engines such as Yahoo and Google. Search engines often have a “submit” link that notifies their search engine about your new site. Tip #3 that will bring more people in is by using and updating your blog roll. Blog rolls are links that you put on your site for others to see. When that happens and the owners of those sites find your blog, they will probably add your link to their blog roll so that others can find you.

Tip #4 is when you respond to comments that are made on your site, you show the reader that you value their opinions and that attracts the reader even more because most everyone likes to interact online and share their opinions and thoughts. In addition, use links on your website. They are noticed by search engines and get you noticed by other bloggers. This could lead to more new readers coming to your site.

Tip #5: Then, think about joining some forums or online groups. Social networking with these websites will bring in more traffic and sharing with others on a regular basis, will not only increase traffic to your site but it will also increase the value of your website to others.

A Quick Guide to AT&T U-verse Coupon Codes

att uverse
AT & T Uverse is the leading brand of broadband internet, internet protocol television (IPTV) and IP telephone bundle provider, also known as triple-play service in 22 US States. It was commercially launched in June 26, 2006, following its deployment and beta testing in 2004 and 2005, respectively. Currently, AT & T Uverse has more than 6.6 million subscribers.

AT & T Uverse takes advantage of computer networking and fiber optic technology to deliver smarter phones, faster internet and better digital TV to their consumers through a customized bundle for as low as $29.00 a month. They offer various packages and deals that would cater to every family’s viewing needs. Their combination of innovative features and great services provides a fully integrated experience.

U-verse’s advanced digital TV allows the recording and viewing of up to four shows at once. IPTV simply works by plugging a high-speed internet connection to a TV through a connected set-top box. After the connection is established, the set-top box will automatically assemble the code from the phone line into audio and video, enabling it to broadcast in high definition and standard definition alike. Any TV that’s hooked to a set-top box will receive the signal and will be capable of picture in picture technology, better picture quality and interactive on-screen programming guide regardless of TV brand and model.

These features also come with fast internet services. U-verse’s multiple Wi-Fi hotspots and high-speed internet with streaming speeds of 24 Mbps lets the users listen to music, watch video and email even while on the go. It also provides free access to thousands of music, sports, movies and TV shows.

For the complete U-verse experience, those who subscribed to U-verse Voice will enjoy additional built in TV/phone/internet features such as web-based call management, Visual Voicemail and caller ID displayed on U-verse TV.

After checking the availability and choosing a preferred U-verse bundle, consumers may proceed to order via AT&T’s simple and convenient online store. U-verse doesn’t require a contract term or lock-in period, and even offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Most packages include standard installation done by the professionals.

Thinking about AT&T u-verse? Not only does AT&T regularly release a number of inducements plus promotions for new consumers, but AT&T will also allow other companies to advertise a number of deals. Clients can find an AT&T uverse coupon code on a site like Buttersword and reduce the cost of new uverse services.

How To Publicize A Blog

publicizing blogs
Blogging is a very popular way for people to advertise products and websites. While blogging used to be popular for those who only sought to show their writing talents, more and more businesses are catching on to the benefits. By writing articles that have keywords and are search engine friendly, it is easy to drive traffic to any website or product that you desire. Most people don’t have any idea how to publicize a blog though.

While the idea is great and most can grasp how it all works, many people don’t understand how to get people to the blog in the first place. Here are some basic ideas that really do work. Social media sites need to become your best friend if you are going to get the people to your blog.

Setting-up a page on Facebook and adding people who are interested in things that may be related to your product or services is a great start. You should also join LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and any other social networks and forums that you can find. Understand that you can’t just show-up on a forum one day and post links to your blog. Look for places where you can comment and actually be involved. Then, when you can, appropriately suggest the blog.

You should also take advantage of tools such as StumbleUpon. You can list your blog link as something that other readers may be interested in. List the keywords that they may search to find this article. Be careful to use these key words in your articles. Write informative articles and back-link them to your website.

The blog platform that you use can also make a difference. Two of the best and largest blog platforms that exist are Blogger and WordPress. These two sites offer many tools that help you advertise your blog, categorize your articles and choose keywords to tag your posts. In time, this will help you to build quite an audience. By linking your blog to Facebook and Twitter, which is something that WordPress allows you to do, you can gain a very large readership rather quickly.

When it comes to how to publicize a blog, there really are a lot of various ways and the more you can think outside the box, the better you will do. Think of things that would keep you coming back and implement them. Experiment as much as you can and have fun.